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Single room Book Now

Comfort for 1

  • One single room
  • Includes bathroom. Exclusive toilet outside the room.
  • Air conditioning / heating.
  • Without elevator

from €55 night

Double room Book Now

2 like at home

  • 7 double rooms (bathroom included)
  • Option double bed or twin beds (when posible)
  • Air conditioning / heating.
  • Without elevator

from €65 night

Double with Balcony Book Now

2 like at home

  • 1 double room (bathroom included)
  • Double bed
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Without elevator

from €70 night

Triple Room Book Now

3 is not a crowd

  • 1 room for three. A double bed and a single bed
  • Additional cot (if necessary)
  • Includes bathroom. Exclusive toilet outside the room.
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Without elevator

from €70 night

Suite Book Now

2 + 2 is 4

  • 1 room for four
  • Includes bathroom
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Fridge
  • Kettle / Coffee maker
  • Without elevator (third floor)

from €85 night


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Servicio de Recepción de 10 a 1h y de 16 a 20h.


Acceso 24h con dispositivo de control

Servicios externos

comida take away, lavandería, etc...

Rincón de lectura

Rincón de lectura con biblioteca dinámica (coges y dejas el que quieras). Con guías de Valencia.

Toalla de playa

Servicio extra de toallas de playa.


Alquiler de bicicletas

Casa del Patriarca

Our history

Guesthouse General Information

Sited in the core of the city, Casa del Patriarca  is your home in Valencia.Salvà Street is located in Sant Francesc district and everything is near. The Historical centre (Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen, the Cathedral, Marqués De Dos Aguas Palace), open-wide green area park (the former bed of the River Turia) and the best location in the citiy to go shopping. Right at our feet there is la Plaza del Pariarca  with the Church and Museum of Corpus Christi and the Cultural Centre “La Nau” (belonging to the University of Valencia).
Our name comes aftert this plaza, this square.

In the beginning Casa del Patriarca was an old guesthouse and it has been working non-stop since  1934, overcoming a fire during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. After that, the old guesthouse got more/less floors of the building. Nowadays Casa del Patriarca has second and third floor. Because of its location and the essence of the building but also due to the fact that each room facing Salvà Street has a cosy balcony, we fell in love with it and so, we wanted to restore it, changing and improving its spaces with good style, with the atmosphere of a house. That is so, so that you, traveller, can find in each room the essence of Valencia and not just another mere place to stay. He have restored beautiful devices and elements like, ancient heaters or the amazing Valencian typical tiles. New decorations have been acomplished following this same style. We hope you feel just like at home. Enjoy your days at Casa del Patriarca.

Vicente Orón.


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